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Heart Healthy Beef Nutrients

Lean beef fits easily into lowfat meal plans designed to decrease blood cholesterol levels. Research shows that Americans can eat six ounces of lean red meat five or more days a week as part of a cholesterol-lowering diet. Further, both red and white meat produce the same favorable changesin blood cholesterol levels. In other words, lean beef is just as effective as skinless chicken when it comes to lowering blood cholesterol levels.5

5. Davidson, M.H.; Hunninghake, D.; Maki, K.C.; Kwiterovitch, P.O.;Kafonek, S. Comparison of the effects of lean red meat vs. lean white meat on serum lipid levels among free-living persons with hypercholesterolemia. Arch Intern. Med. 159:1331-1338, 1999.

Reference: Beef Nutrition

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New Farm Logo for Quiet Breeze Piedmontese Farm

Jase Tillman of iQ Concepts has designed our new farm logo.  We recommend Jase for any of your graphic design work.

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