About Piedmontese

Piedmontese… a Better Breed of Cattle

The Piedmontese Beef Cattle Breed is the “Myostatin Breed”…defined as “Cattle from traceable Piedmontese heritage which possess a minimum of one-copy of the Piedmontese-specific Myostatin allele mutation.” View more about the myostatin effect.

Piemonte region of Italy (in red)

The Piedmontese bovine breed owes its name to the region of its origin, Piemonte (Italy), and is the most important and finest Italian beef breed. The males are grey or pale fawn in color, the dams white or pale fawn while the calves are a deep fawn color. The character that has determined the recent evolution of the breed is the development of the so-called “double-muscle” factor, i.e. extremely developed muscular masses not only in the thigh or the buttocks but also in the neck. The skin and the bones of the Piedmontese bovines are particularly fine and the nearly complete absence of subcutaneous fat makes it possible to observe quite clearly the muscular furrows. At birth a male calf weighs on average 92.5 – 94.7 lbs, a female 88 lbs; an adult bull can reach the weight of 2423 – 2643 lbs a cow about 1322 lbs.

The Piedmontese is an early maturing and long living breed with a great adaptability to many different conditions and therefore it can be bred in all types of climates. The feeding of the Piedmontese cow is extremely simple: it consists preferably of green or dry fodder (silage), integrated with a feedstuff consisting mainly of cereals or leguminosae. Thanks to its excellent feed conversion capacity it can be bred not only on plane or hilly grazing fields but even on the poorest mountain pastures.