Farm Fresh Freezer Beef

Thank you for your interest in our freezer beef. You may purchase a 1/4, 1⁄2 or whole beef for your personal dining and serving pleasure.

Your family and guests will rave over the wonderful flavor and tenderness of our all natural beef. Our beef is raised on our farm, and goes from the hoof to your table. You know the source of your product and are sure of its full quality reaching your table.

A 1/2 beef feeds a family of 4 to 5 for approximately 7 – 12 months. (1/2 is split head to tail yielding all cuts for both halves)

Our finished beef, live, will weigh from a 1000-1200+ lbs.

Example of 2 copy Fullblood: Live wt.:1000 lbs. (Very lean)
Dressed/Hang wt.(65-70%): 650-700 lbs
*Less the bone, fat, loss, shrinkage(25%-30%) = 460-490 lbs. of beef
Of 470 lbs+/- of beef there will be approximately:

  • Hamburger/stew meat= 35-45%
  • Roasts= 30-35%
  • Steaks= 25-30%.

Example of 1 copy crossbred: Live wt:1000 lbs. (Some marbling)
Dressed/Hang wt.(61.5-65%):615-650 lbs
*Less the bone, fat, loss,shrinkage(25%-30%) = 430-455 lbs. of beef
Of 450 lbs+/- of beef there will be approximately:

  • Hamburger/stew meat= 35-45%
  • Roasts= 30-35%
  • Steaks= 25-30%

*Please note: the greater the amount of de-boning (New York Strip Steaks vs. T-Bone Steaks), the greater the loss factor.

Processing for a 1/2 beef averages between $175-$220. Processing for a 1/4 beef averages between $90 – $115. You select & customize your butchering preferences by filling out and sending us the Beef Processing Instructions and Order Form. When you order a quarter beef we match you with another customer for cutting instructions. You each receive equal shares of front and hind quarters so your cutting instructions must match. We pick your beef up and deliver it to your door for you to ENJOY!!! Delivery is only in Middle Tennessee, 150 radius of Lynnville, TN.

We charge you for your portion of the hanging carcass weight of the animal: Current  Price $3.29/ lb. and you pay the processing fee.  A $200 per side, $100 per quarter beef, non-refundable deposit is required for all orders.

All orders are processed at Yoder Brothers, USDA approved processing plant in Paris, TN

Be sure to place yourself on our Waiting List for 2014, processing date for Freezer Beef by calling:

Phone: 1-931-638-2015


Click here for a copy of Beef Processing Instructions and Order Form